Proceeds donated to Reporters Without Borders

February 17th, 2011 | News | Alfred Hermida | No Comments

The authors have elected to donate all their proceeds from the sale of this book to Reporters Without Borders/Reporters San Frontières.

Reporters Without Borders is a non-profit organization committed to press freedom around the world.

It has fought for the rights of journalists on a daily basis since it was founded in 1985.

The organization:

  • defends journalists and media assistants imprisoned or persecuted for doing their job and exposes the mistreatment and torture of them in many countries.
  • fights against censorship and laws that undermine press freedom.
  • gives financial aid each year to 100 or so journalists or media outlets in difficulty (to pay for lawyers, medical care and equipment) as well to the families of imprisoned journalists.
  • works to improve the safety of journalists, especially those reporting in war zones.

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