Paper to be presented at International Online Journalism Symposium

March 1st, 2011 | News | Alfred Hermida | No Comments

We will be presenting a paper based on the research for the book at the International Online Journalism Symposium at UT Austin, April 1-2.

The paper, “The Active Recipient: Participatory Journalism Through the Lens of the Dewey-Lippmann Debate,” is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Here’s the abstract for the paper:

While news outlets are providing significant opportunities for citizen contributions, research suggests that journalists have been reluctant to open up the news production process. This study draws on the work of Lippmann and Dewey to frame how journalists view participatory journalism. Definitions of participatory journalism tend to be based on a normative assumption of the active involvement of citizens in the news. Based on semi-structured interviews with professionals at 24 newspaper websites from 10 countries, as well as a consideration of the sites, we found that journalists have tended to adopt a Deweyan approach towards participatory mechanisms. The public is largely framed as a source for, and as a discussant of, the news, with little agency over how news is defined, reported or produced. We suggest that journalists view audiences as “active recipients”, somewhere between passive receivers and active creators of content, straddling the space between Lippmann and Dewey.



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