Breadth and scope of Participatory Journalism praised in Journalism Studies review

February 28th, 2012 | News | Alfred Hermida | No Comments

Participatory Journalism: Guarding Open Gates at Online Newspapers has been lauded for as a “robust piece of empirical research” in a review in Journalism Studies.

In her review (PDF), Lily Canter of the University of Sheffield writes that “the breadth and scope of the collaborative project is an extremely valuable one which unpicks the threads that lie at the heart of journalism and examines how those core threads are being rewoven in a digital age, where anyone with Internet access can be a publisher.”

The review praises the book for its consistent tone, noting that “the authors have obviously gone to great lengths to ensure that the book stands together as a whole, rather than appearing as a disparate selection of papers around a common theme.”

While noting that the book prefers to rely on “applied knowledge rather than a theoretical”, it says this is an “admirable and appropriate approach to take” for a text trying to reach a wider audience.

Canter writes: “On the one hand, it serves as a robust piece of empirical research and, on the other, it is an excellent textbook for journalism students. This is evidently a deliberate device by the authors who wish to make a contribution to knowledge without alienating potential readers.

She continues: “The book is written in clear, familiar English resembling more of a journalistic style than an academic one, and each chapter ends with questions inviting the reader (or lecturer) to discuss and probe issues.”

The review is published in Journalism Studies, iFirst, February 24 2012.

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