Table of contents

1. Introduction: Sharing the Road.

Section One: The Impact of Participatory Journalism.

2. Mechanisms of Participation: How Audience Options Shape the Conversation (Alfred Hermida).
3. The Journalist’s Relationship with Users: New Dimensions to Conventional Roles (Ari Heinonen).

Section Two: Managing Change.

4. Inside the Newsroom: Journalists’ Motivations and Organizational Structures (Steve Paulussen).
5. Managing Audience Participation: Practices, Workflows and Strategies (David Domingo).
6. User Comments: The Transformation of Participatory Space (Zvi Reich).

Section Three: Issues and Implications.

7. Taking Responsibility: Legal and Ethical Issues in Participatory Journalism (Jane B. Singer).
8. Participatory Journalism in the Marketplace: Economic Motivations behind the Practices (Marina Vujnovic).
9. Understanding a New Phenomenon: The Significance of Participatory Journalism (Thorsten Quandt).
10. Fluid Spaces, Fluid Journalism: The Role of the “Active Recipient” in Participatory Journalism (Alfred Hermida).

Appendix: About our Study.
About the Authors.